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The Jodi Applebaum Experience

Why choose me to preserve your precious family moments? Well I can tell you a few things your experience with me will be like...

1. I understand families. Your kids (and maybe even your husband ) will have "a moment." Either before the shoot or during the shoot, they will not want to cooperate and you will want to scream, punish them, bribe them or strangle them! You will be worried that your photographer thinks you have a crazy family. But guess what? I have a crazy family too!! I had four kids in five years and I scream and jump up and down during every one of my personal family photo shoots. So I'm telling you beforehand that it is okay when this happens. I will stay relaxed and calm and I will keep YOU relaxed and calm. I work hard at keeping the shoot light and fun, we move around alot and keep the kids engaged. And I have three teenage daughters so I understand the sweat, tears and makeup that goes into a Senior Shoot.
I have been in your shoes, so I understand the struggle!!

2. I know my locations. I have a rhythm; a pattern for each location, whether it's the beach, NYC, downtown Greensboro or a country field. I plan out my shoots and EACH shot so it flows easily and effortlessly.

3. I am FAST!! I need instant gratification!! And I am sure most of you do too! I can get you and your family an online sneak peek usually within 24 hours. And the full job edited within a few days, depending on the season. I really pride myself on a quick turnaround because that is what I would want. I'd want to see my photos right away!!

4. And this year I am adding the full service studio component to my work. I will be helping you with the hardest part...deciding which photos to choose!! We will meet after the shoot and go through the images and I will help you decide which ones are best for wall galleries, which ones to print for Grandma and Aunt Susie and which sizes work best for your home. I have found that many people have such a hard time deciding that they just DON'T. They don't decide and the beautiful images that we worked so hard to make together end up on a CD in their kitchen drawer.

So in a nutshell... your experience with me will be fun, easy, relaxed, organized, efficient, fast, enjoyable and you will finish with superior quality artwork of your family for your home.
So let's get started!!! 

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